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  • Dada-Dadi Club

    The main purpose of Dada-Dadi Club is to teach moral values to students. For this, the school invites grandparents to spend their time with pre-primary students. They tell stories, Poems, Bhajans and their experiences to students. Dada-Dadi Club organizes meeting with young parents and tell them their experiments and young parents learn moral values and then transfer to their children.

  • Mothers Club

    In Mothers Club, about 40 mothers improve their skills by different activities.

    Activities of Mothers Club:
    • Book Review
    • Teachers Day Celebration
    • Social Activities
    • Personality Development Programs


  • Book Review

          We are not able to read each and every book. By the book review at least we can know the summary of the book. Our school organizes book review every month. In which teachers, parents and invitee guest give review on their favorite book. School had completed milestone 100 book reviews in July 2012.


  • Student Book Review

         The concept of book review is also applied to students. For this, every month the group of students give review on their favorite book. By this program students can know the summary of book, improve their speech and reduce their stage fear.


  • Let’s Meet an Author

         Meeting a real writer can increase children’s interest in books, help them to understand how books are written and boost the confidence of any aspiring writers in our school. Under the program of “Avo Lekhak ne Maliye”, the school has invited famous writers to enhance students writing and reading skills.


  • Educational Visits

    Every year Students go for Educational Visit to catch practical knowledge.