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Beyond Academics

Teacher's Seminar

In education field, the role of teacher is most important. To build strong working relationship with students, teachers have to be updated with latest information and technology as well as with new energy every year.

Students are more knowledgeable with latest technologies. Teachers should have enough knowledge and skills to understand how and when various tools and technologies to be used in classroom.

To sharpened the knowledge of teachers, School organizes teachers’ training namely “Gyanyagna” twice in a year at different natural places that are away from the polluted area for two or three days. The activities included in the “Gyanyagna” are:

  • Lectures of experts
  • Group activities
  • Practical activities
  • Campfire
  • In year 2018-19, the “Gyanyagna” was organized on 7,8,9th June 2018 at Swaminarayan Temple, Sankari.

Education Visit

The primary purpose of an educational tour or a field tour is to educate students, and provide them with a chance to learn from a new set of experiences in an informal setting. In addition to this, a school tour also allows students to develop close bonds with teachers and classmates as well as with nature also.

Our school every year arranges the education visit or picnic at the ECO Camp site. Last year students had visited the ECO Campsite Camp Dally at Bhadran. Here students had done different activities like rope climbing

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Sports Day

That child who participate in sports, remain physically and mentally fit and fine. The goal of student life must be set as,

“Work while you work, play while you play.”

Students learnt most of the principle of life in playground like discipline, to follow the order of your group leader, if you succeed then express your joy with cheers but if you get failure, try and try until you get success.

This year school has organized sports day for three days. The students were addressed and advised by our guests who all are our former students.

  • Mr. Hardik Patel
  • Mr. Kuldeep Raj
  • Ms. Anjali Gangajaliya
  • Mrs. Meghaben Joshi
  • Ms. Dhara Sharma
  • Mr. Jarvik Munsi
  • Ms. Janki Bhatt
  • Mr. Hardik Galchat
  • Ms. Nirali Patel
  • Mr. Jaimin Shah
  • Mr. S. K. Varier (Manager, BOB)
  • Champion House Of Year
  • Chheda Ganth
  • Decorate The Poster
  • Fish Race
  • Golf Ramiye
  • Group Performance
  • Hunny Bunny
  • Hurdle Race
  • Jelly Fish Jumping
  • Kabbadi
  • Kavad Race
  • Kho Kho
  • KhoKho Sec&Hig Secondary
  • Mera Naam Joker
  • Participants of Sports Day
  • Passing The Ball
  • Running Race
  • Running Race 1
  • Save Plastic March
  • Save Plastic March 1
  • School Flag Hosting
  • Shotput

Inter Class Cricket Tournament

  • Inter Class Cricket
  • Inter Class Cricket 1
  • Inter Class Cricket 2
  • Teacher VS Student 2
  • Teacher VS Students 1

Annual Function

Balotsav : 2018-19
“ Forum”

Date : 04/02/2019 at 7:00 P.M.
Chief Guest : Mr. Kiritsinh Mahida (Member of GSEB, Gandhinagar)
Guest of Honor : Dr. Nakul Bhatt (MBBS & Former Student)
Mr. Tapan Patel (Businessman & Former Student)
Mr. Hardik C. Patel (IT Engineer & Former Student)
Ms. Prakruti Patel (Fashion Designer & Former Student)

In Foram our children presented that our routine starts as the sun rise and end with the sleepover with moon. They leant the numbers, name of the different things with lots of joy. They play with animals and flies with birds. They also play with their doll and travel in train. Lastly they dreamed to play with “Chandamama”.

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  • 17
  • Enchoring
  • NVV Family

Annual Function : 2018-19
“ Harshvenu”

Date : 03/02/2019 at 7:00 P.M.
Chief Guest : Dr. Girish Patel (VC, Bhavnagar University)
Guest of Honor : Mr. Navneetbhai Mehta (DEO, Bharuch)
Mr. Dushyantbhai Patel (MLA, Bharuch)
Ms. Bhumi Patel (Sr. Anchor, Sandesh News & Former Student of NVV)

Our Indian culture is known as Veda and Upanishad‘s culture. Many festivals in the Hindu are based on the lunar cycle and solar cycle, such as Navratri, Sarad Poonam, Diwali, Makarsankranti, Shiv ratri, Holi, Vasant Panchami, Baishakhi and many more. The purpose of this cultural program is to let our children be aware of this Ritu-chakra.

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