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Special Activities

NVV Knowledge Champion

In education field, the importance of competitive exams increases day by day. Competitive exams are central exams were millions of students and individual people attend it every year and ranked in school, town, district, state, country or international level.By this type of examination, students get the knowledge beyond the text book which results in increase of confidence level of them. The students are able to solve the problems which are not discussed in classroom and the skills to solve the logical questions also develop.
We want to aware our students by the method and environment of competitive exams. So our school had started the competitive exam namely NVV Knowledge Champion since last 3 years. We conduct this exam as per the method of competitive Exams like to register the name to get the hall ticket to attend it.

Examination is conducted in three section,
Primary Section (Gujarati Medium)
Primary Section (English Medium)
Secondary and Higher Secondary (Gujarati Medium / English Medium)
The winner are awarded by trophy, cash and certificate in annual award.
Download NVV Knowledge Champion 2021 Papers with solution

  • 1 Winner of NVV Knowledge Champion (English Medium)
  • 2 Winner NVV Knowledge Champion (Primary Gujarati Medium)
  • 4 1st Runner up NVV Knowledge Champion (English Medium)
  • 5 1st Runner up NVV Knowledge Champion (English Medium)
  • 6 1st Runner Up NVV Knowledge Champion (Primary Gujarati Medium)
  • 7 1st Runner up NVV Knowledge Champion (Primary Gujarati Medium)
  • 9 2nd Runner up NVV Knowledge Champion (English Medium)
  • 10 2nd Runner up NVV Knowledge Champion (Primary Gujarati Medium)
  • 3 Winner of NVV Knowledge Champion (Sec & Hig Secondary Gujarati Medium)
  • 8 1st Runner up NVV Knowledge Champion (Sec & Hig Secondary Gujarati Medium)
  • 11 2nd Runner up NVV Knowledge Champion (Sec & Hig Secondary Gujarati Medium)
  • Exam Room
Dada Dadi Club

The main purpose of Dada-Dadi Club is to teach moral values to students. For this, the school invites grandparents to spend their time with pre-primary students. They tell stories, Poems, Bhajans and their experiences to students. Dada-Dadi Club organizes meeting with young parents and tell them their experiments and young parents learn moral values and then transfer to their children.

  • Birthday celebration of grand parents
  • Teachers Day Celebration in Pre Primary Section (By Grand Parents)
  • Dada Dadi Club
  • Story Telling by Grand Parents in Dada Dadi Club
Mothers’ Club

In Mothers Club, about 40 mothers improve their skills by different activities.

  • Book Review
  • Teachers Day Celebration
  • Social Activities
  • Personality Development Programs
  • Mothers Club Performance In Annual Function

Social Activities

Blood Donation Camp

With the joint venture of Narayan VidyaVihar and Redcross Society, school had organized Blood Donation Camp in June - 2017 in which about 50 teachers and parents had donated blood.

“Vande Vasundhara” Project

Our school had started the concept of Vande Vasundhara since last 2 years. Every year our school teachers and students plant minimum 125 neem trees in different places of Bholav area. We not only plant the trees but take care of it. Now a days there are 150 trees are growing up and blowing their fresh air in the environment of Bholav.
This year the Education Minister of Gujarat Mr. Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, Mr. Ishwarsinh Patel had planted the Neem Tree and give the start up for this year project. They facilitate the students and teacher by Certificate who cares these trees.

  • Mr. Ishwarsinh Patel
  • Tree Plantation
  • Tree Plantation
  • Conviner ot the Project
  • Taking an oath to nurture the plant
  • Green Bholav supported by MLA Mr. Dushyant Patel
  • Mr. Ishwarsinh Patel flicitate the teacher by Certificate
  • Mr. Bhupendra Chudasam Flicitate the teacher by Certificate
  • Mr. Bhupendrasinh Chudasama (Education Minister, Gujarat)
Awareness about traffic

To aware students about traffic rules and to keep themselves from accidents, Navsarjan Motors had shown different videos of accident and the students who had face accident, shared their experience and guide other students.

  • Traffic Day
House Activities

A house system is to merely ensure that students take part in extra curricular activities with a competitive spirit. It helps students learn team spirit and things you can only learn in groups. It is a very healthy idea. It makes every student an integral part of the school and is responsible equally to contribute. The house system is an excellent method to bring out hidden talent in students and give them an opportunity to explore themselves.
The school students are divided into four houses i.e.

  • Vallabh House
  • Vikram House
  • Arvind House
  • Vivekanand House
Every Year School organizes various house activities.

  • G K Quiz
  • Teachers VS MTA
  • MTA Group
  • Green House Arvachin Garba
  • Green House Prachin Garba
  • Inter House Group Discussion
  • Red House Arvachin Garba
  • Red House Prachin Garba
  • Yellow House Arvachin Garba 1st Runner Up
  • Yellow House Prachin Garba winner
  • Blue House Arvachin Garba winner
  • Blue House Prachin Garba 1st Runner Up
Disaster Management

The aim of the National Disaster Management Authority is to built a safer and disaster resilient India by developing a holistic, proactive, multi-disaster and technology driven strategy for disaster management.

NDRF has proved its importance in achieving this vision by highly skilled rescue and relief operations, regular and intensive training and re-training. They carrying out mock drills and joint exercises with the various stakeholders. Last year they carrying out their mock drill in school to aware the school students and teachers that how they survive themselves at the time of disasters.

  • Escape from Hights
  • Save Yourself
  • Useful Tools
  • Escape from High Building
  • How to Servive Others
  • Tools Useful During Flood
  • Tools Useful in Flood
  • Disaster Management during Flood
School Safety Training

In our routine life we become the victim of accident or disaster. So that it is necessary to learn how to came out from this disaster or accident and how to save others life.

Meanwhile, the safety of the student and the teacher has become very important among the ever increasing accidents. Hence time demand is that every student and teacher should be able to protect themselves and others. This year the School Safety Training Program has been organized in the school with the help of the school's alumni who had prepared Safety Soldier Group. They taught us that If there will be fire in school than what necessary steps teachers and students have to take. They advised us to build a group of teacher and students for emergency.

The fire soldiers are
  • Mr. Pratik Dholakiya
  • Mr. Aditya Thakar
  • Mr. Viral Prajapati

Points they covered
  • Develop the emergency group.
  • Make an alarm system to be aware of the students and teachers for any type of emergency.
  • Do not react immediately at any type of messages passed by any one.
  • If there will be fire in down stair then go up stair instead of down.
  • Smoke spreads upside so sit down and get out of the room.
  • Do not enter any room which is in fire, if you are not sure that there is anybody in the room.
  • Try your best for less casualty.

They give their training of school safety to all school of Gujarat in free of cost. At that time specially the DEO Bharuch Shree Navneetbhai Maheta and Director of Channel Narmada Shree Rushibhai Dave were present here and attend the program.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Election Campain

  • Car relly for Election Campain
  • Matdan Mera Adhikar
  • On the way to Hostal Ground
  • Starting From School
  • At DEO office Hostel Ground Bharuch
  • Green Signal for Relly by DEO Bharuch Shree Navneetbhai Mehta

Cultural Activities

Book Review

We are not able to read each and every book. By the book review, at least we can know the summary of the book. Our school organizes book review every month in which teachers, parents and invitee guest give review on their favourite book. School had completed milestone 165 book reviews till June 2018.

  • 163 Bookreview by Jankabhai Bhatt (Teacher)
  • 169 bookreview by Shilpaben Jadav (Teacher)
  • 171 Book Review By Reenaben Patel (Teacher)
  • 172 Book Review By Dhirendrasinh Parmar (Teacher)
  • KETANBHAI PATEL 166 bookreview
  • Book review by Dr. Nalin Pandit (Guest)
Students’ Book Review

The concept of book review is also applied to students. For this, every month the group of students give review on their favourite book. By this program students can know the summary of book, improve their speech and reduce their stage fear.

  • Std 9
Let’s Meet an author

Meeting a real writer can increase children’s interest in books, help them to understand how books are written and boost the confidence of any aspiring writers in our school. Under the program of “Avo Lekhak ne Maliye”, the school has invited famous writers to enhance students writing and reading skills.

  • Aavo lekhakne Maliye
  • Mr Rameshbhai Jilka

“My life is My Message”

As all over Gujarat celebrate this year as the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji our school has also decided to celebrate this year as so. School had decided all the Day celebration and co-curricular activities on the base of that concept. Also we are trying to little bit change in the education system with the concept of Nai Talim.

To give the start up our academic year with the above concept we arranged the Gandhikatha in our school for our students. Where the speaker Mr. Nagesh Joshi had narrated the early life and background, English barrister, civil rights activist in South Africa, Struggle for Indian Independence, Principles, Practices and Beliefs of Gandhiji. He had narrated the Gandhikath in such a way that all students had enjoyed it.

We had arrange the in house project but it become special because on second day of katha the Education Minister of Gujarat Mr. Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, Mr. Ishwarsinh Patel (Minister of State, Co-operation, Sports, Youth and Cultural activities) specially be the part of the program. It was memorable moment for all the students and staff of school.

With the help of Channel Narmada the live coverage of that program was telecast on local channel and also live on facebook. Arround 94,000 people had watched it live. We get reviews from 7 states and 5 different countries.

  • Gandhikatah
  • Gandhikatah
  • Gandhikatha Opening
  • In memoery of our school
  • Shree Nageshbhai Joshi
  • Shri Nageshbhai Joshi
  • Thanks Giving
  • Honarable Education Minister of Gujarat Shree Bhupendrasinh Chudasama
  • Honerable DEO Bharuch Shree Navneetbhai Patel
  • Honerable Sports Minister IShree shwarsinh Patel

Co-curricular Activities

It gives the students an opportunity to develop particular skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities. ... In either case, participation can assist students in more than one ways. They actually complement the curricular activities and groom the students in the “Art of living and working together.”

  • Fruit Arrangement
  • Kuldi Sangar
  • Let's Decorate it
  • Mankani Mala
  • My creativity
  • Pustak Vanchan
  • Pustak Vanchan1
  • First aid training by Helth Department
  • Sagar ma Nav Mari sararara jay
  • General Instruction by Health Department
  • Creative your mind
  • Rath Yatra